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1. Dr. M. G. R. Kumar, IPS Superintendent of Police, West Garo Hills

2. Shri Ialamlad Kharkongor, MPS Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Dadenggre

3. Shri. Challang G. Momin, MPS Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Raksamgre

4. Shri. J. C. A. Sangma, MPS Dy. S.P. (HQ)

5. Shri. W. R. Marak Circle Inspector (West)

6. Smti. J. K. Marak I/C Investigation Cell

7. Shri. B. K. Marak Reserve Inspector

8. Shri. H. K. Marak Arm Branch Inspector

9. Shri. B. N. Marak Circle Inspector cum Officer-in Charge (Sadar PS)

10. Smti. G. T. Sangma Officer-in Charge (Women PS)

11. Shri. G. G. Momin Circle Inspector cum Officer-in Charge (Dalu PS)

12. Shri. Z. I. Khan Officer-in Charge (Hallidayganj PS)

13. Shri. B. Thapa Officer-in Charge (Phulbari PS)

14. Shri. T. R. Marak Officer-in Charge (Damal A∙Sim PS)

15. Shri. B. Blah Officer-in Charge (Dadenggre PS)

16. Shri. V. Sangma Officer-in Charge (Jengjal PS)

17. Shri. B. A. Bamon In Charge (Kherapara OP)

18. Shri. P. Rechill In Charge (Purakhasia OP)

19. Shri. A. Marbaniang In Charge (Rajaballa OP)

20. Shri. D. Rani In Charge (Gambegre OP)

21. Shri. A. K. Ram In Charge (Dobasipara BH)

22. Shri. K. Pachuau In Charge (Garobada ICP)

23. Shri. S. D. Sangma In Charge (Bogjularbita OP)

24. Shri. B. A. Sangma In Charge (Chandmari BH)

25. Shri. F. S. Sangma In Charge (Rongram OP)

26. Shri. B. Roy In Charge (Araimile BH)

27. Shri. B. Sangma In Charge (Selsella)

28. Shri. A. Haque Reserve Officer

29. Shri. M. Chettri In Charge (CCIC)

30. Shri. N. Rai In Charge (Traffic Branch)