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1. Dr. M. G. R. Kumar, IPS Superintendent of Police, West Garo Hills,9436939111/9615759111

2. Shri. G. W. Lyngdoh, MPS Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Dadenggre,7085851503

3. Shri. Challang G. Momin, MPS Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Raksamgre,8974547937

4. Shri. J. C. A. Sangma, MPS Dy. S.P. (HQ),7005379073

5. Shri. W. R. Marak Circle Inspector (West),8259836863/8119800410

6. Smti. J. K. Marak I/C Investigation Cell, 9436160171

7. Shri. B. K. Marak Reserve Inspector, 8794781465

8. Shri. H. K. Marak Arm Branch Inspector, 8132013363

9. Shri. B. N. Marak Circle Inspector cum Officer-in Charge (Sadar PS), 9436335194/96241477

10. Smti. G. T. Sangma Officer-in Charge (Women PS), 8415077719

11. Shri. G. G. Momin Circle Inspector cum Officer-in Charge (Dalu PS), 9615025856

12. Shri. Z. I. Khan Officer-in Charge (Hallidayganj PS), 8876713380/7896847863

13. Shri. B. Thapa Officer-in Charge (Phulbari PS),9436308878

14. Shri. T. R. Marak Officer-in Charge (Damal A∙Sim PS), 7421925956/7628898784

15. Shri. B. Blah Officer-in Charge (Dadenggre PS), 9485323728/8787714710

16. Shri. V. Sangma Officer-in Charge (Jengjal PS), 9615854913/8974239746

17. Shri. B. A. Bamon In Charge (Kherapara OP), 7005221832

18. Shri. P. Rechill In Charge (Purakhasia OP), 8794535973/8415803838

19. Shri. A. Marbaniang In Charge (Rajaballa OP), 9862098630

20. Shri. D. Rani In Charge (Gambegre OP), 8575786280

21. Shri. A. K. Ram In Charge (Dobasipara BH), 9615175484

22. Shri. K. Pachuau In Charge (Garobada ICP), 8014088130

23. Shri. S. D. Sangma In Charge (Bogjularbita OP), 9615091285

24. Shri. B. A. Sangma In Charge (Chandmari BH), 8798411274

25. Shri. F. S. Sangma In Charge (Rongram OP), 9862023195

26. Shri. B. Roy In Charge (Araimile BH), 8787493369/9862660707

27. Shri. B. Sangma In Charge (Selsella), 7085715539

28. Shri. A. Haque Reserve Officer, 9436726129

29. Shri. M. Chettri In Charge (CCIC), 7005109596

30. Shri. N. Rai In Charge (Traffic Branch), 7005629324