Superintendent of Police

Dr. M G Raghavendra Kumar, IPS
Superintendent of Police


About District Police, West Garo Hills Meghalaya

West Garo Hills Police D. E. F. is one of the oldest District Police Force within the state, with its first Superintendent of Police being Shri. B. Singh, IPS, and his tenure was from 18th July 1961-19th November 1962 (as per records available). Currently, the D. E. F. is headed by Superintendent of Police, and under him there are various Sub-Divisions, Police Stations/Out Post/Beat House and branches.

The two Sub-Divisions within the District are Dadenggre Sub-Division and Raksamgre Sub-Division, which are both headed by Sub-Divisional Police Officers. Dadenggre Sub-Division which is also one of the oldest Sub-Division has its headquarters in Dadenggre and Raksamgre Sub-Division (inaugurated on 24th April 2017) which is among the newly created Sub-Division, has its headquarter in Raksamgre.

Under Dadenggre Sub-Division, there are four (4) Police Stations and two (2) Police Out Post, namely Dadenggre Police Station, Phulbari Police Station, Hallidayganj Police Station (inaugurated on 8th May 2017) and Damal A∙Sim Police Station (inaugurated on 28th August 2017). The Police Out Post are Rajaballa POP (which is under Phulbari Police Station) and Selsella POP (which is under Tura Sadar Police Station). In Raksamgre Sub-Division there is one Police Station and two Police Out Post, which are Tikrikilla Police Station, Bogularbhita Out Post and Rongsai Out Post. The Police Stations and Out Post for both the Sub-Division, are under West Circle, which is headed by a Circle Inspector (West).

Under the Tura Sadar Circle, which is headed by a Circle Inspector (Sadar), the Police Stations falling under its jurisdiction are Tura Sadar Police Station, which is one of the pivotal Police Station in West Garo Hills District, it has seven (7) Police Out Post/Beat House/Investigation Centre within its jurisdiction which are Gambegre OP Dobasipara OP, Selsella OP, Garobadha IC, Araimile OP, Chandmari BH, and Rongram OP. The other, is the Jengjal Police Station (inaugurated on 21st June 2017), this Police Station was carved out of the existing Tura Sadar and Dadenggre Police Station. The Tura Traffic Branch is also another crucial branch which is under the Tura Sadar PS, managing and regulating the traffic within Tura town.

Another central Police Station within the district is the Tura Women Police Station which caters to crime against women and children within the district, this Police Station is run by women officers and personnel. All women and child related offences are investigated by the officers of this Police Station.

The Circle under Dalu, includes Dalu Police Station and its jurisdiction includes two Out Post and one Immigration Check Post, which are Kherapara OP, Purakhasia OP, and Dalu ICP. The jurisdiction of this Circle extends over three Community and Rural Development Blocks which are Gambegre C&RD, Dalu C&RD and Zizak C&RD.

All the Police Stations are under the charge of an Officer-in Charge, while the OP/BH/ICP are headed by an In-Charge (mostly the rank of Sub-Inspectors).

Other Branches within the D.E.F., includes Tura Reserve which is the most essential branch and within it, there are various branches such as Motor Transport Branch, Armed Branch, Quarter Master, Kote, Record etc. the Reserve is headed by a Reserve Inspector. Within the SP’s Office, there are various branches/organistaion such as Special branch, Crime Branch, General Branch, Accounts Branch etc.

The D.E.F. also consist of Fire and Emergency Services station and sub-stations at Tura, Dalu, Rongram, Garobada, Phulbari and Tikrikilla.