Community Policing

The prevailing problems of militancy and the recruitment of youths from various parts of Garo Hills, has affected most families and the region as a whole. In this regard Operation Bonding were held in various parts of the district in which youths were requested by Officers conducting the meeting, to shun away from joining any militant outfit as it will affect their future, and will also lead to various adversities. In the various meetings, Headmen and other general public also spoke during the programmes, appealling to all youths to refrain from indulging in social pathologies and to work hard to achieve success in life. The various Operation bonding held were as follows:
1. On 14.02.2018 at Kalchengpara and Tongtangpara (Selsella OP)
2. On 19.01.2018 at llgim Bajar (Selsella OP)
3. On 18.01.2018 at Kalchengpara (Selsella OP)
4. On 08.01.2018 at Zikabari and Abima (Selsella OP).
5. On 03.01.2018 at Baklagre (Selsella OP).
6. On 21.12.2017 at Dananggre,Tebrongre, Manggakgre, Chikasingre (Damal Asim PS)
7. On 19.12.2017 at Doderetgre (Selsella OP).
8. On 04.12.2017 at Nonipara (Selsella OP).
9. On 29.11.2017 at Mronggre and Makbilkolgre (Selsella OP).
10. On 22.11.2017 at Holdibari (Selsella OP).
11. On 11.11.2017 at Tongtangpara (Selsella OP).
12. On 26.09.2017 at Kalchengpara (Selsella OP).
13. On 24.09.2017 at Ghoramara (Hallidayganj PS)
14. On 23.09.2017 at Chisakgre Village (Dobasipra BH)
15. On 27.08.2017 at Williampur village (Bogularbhita OP)
16. On 14.08.2017 at Kotchu Adok village (Purakhasia OP)
17. On 14.08.2017 at Ujenggre village (Garobada ICP)

A meeting with prominent persons and headmen of various villages was held at Hallidayganj PS, in which discussions about police-public relationship was dwelled at length. The headmen appealed for a better and efficient relationship with the police and also assured from their end to provide assistance to the police. The Officer-in Charge of Hallidayganj police SI Z. I. Khan, ensured that maintenance of peace and security is the topmost priority within the jurisdiction and in order to improve the relationship, a Badminton Court was opened in the PS premises, in which children, youths and even elders were invited to play in the court, so as to encourage them to take up sports as one of their interest.